Newly Emerging EHR Models

Recently the Journal of General Internal Medicine wrote about a new way to think about electronic health records in their article, “Improvement Happens: A Commercial IT Solution for Reviving Primary Care?”.  At Wide River TEC, we have taken the opportunity to learn more about the EHR mentioned – Hello Health as another possibility for rural and small independent practices. It’s a new twist on the low-cost EHR business model whereby the EHR is primarily marketed toward the patients. In their business model, patients pay a yearly subscription fee to have access to a patient portal that is intuitive and easy to use (think Facebook). The medical practice then gets a portion of the fee so the EHR is not only no-cost but now a revenue generating item as opposed to an expense.

Cost alone should not be a barrier to EHR adoption for small practices. There are several well known “free” EHRs on the market, and along with emerging EHR products with new business models, the small independent practice has several options to consider that won’t break the bank, but will help you meet your goal of modernizing your patients’ medical records and improving care. If you’ve not selected an electronic health record yet, please contact Wide River TEC for more information at 402-476-1700.

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